Yo Gabba Gabba! Party Prep

S’s YGG-themed 4th birthday party is soon and I’ve ordered some fun stuff for him and his guests. I’m trying to keep prices down (well, compared to usual NYC birthday fare), so I’ve selected these items very carefully:

Yo Gabba Gabba! DJ Lance Rock Standup ($39.99). S’s ever-helpful big sister commented, “It would be better to have a real person.” But hopefully the younger crowd will be satisfied with this cardboard likeness.

I’ve always loved giving board books or coloring books as favors at my kids’ parties; this year’s favor will be these I Love to Color (Yo Gabba Gabba!) coloring books. At $3.99 apiece (and with Amazon.com’s 4-for-3 discount), it’s a pretty good deal.

Yo Gabba Gabba Dancey Dance Cake by Cakes.com for Food Emporium. There are many, many places to buy expensive character cakes in New York, but it turns out these inexpensive cakes from Food Emporium taste just as delicious.

Another birthday tradition my kids enjoy is personalized chocolate favors, especially Hershey bars. I may get these Yo Gabba Gabba Candy Bar Wrappers ($10 for 25 wrappers; candy not included). It takes a bit of time to assemble these yourself, but kids (and parents) love receiving them.

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  1. Aimee K. says:

    So cute! I think a real person would freak M. out. We get our cakes from Food Emporium too and they are quite delicious!

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