What a (7 Year Old) Girl Wants

When you have a 7-year-old, you learn quite quickly what The Next Big Thing is in the toy world. I heard about Silly Bandz well before they turned into T-shirts, and this summer (via R., of course) I started hearing the buzz about something else…the buzz of the little Hexbugs. I still can’t exactly describe what they are other than “micro robotic creatures” so I will refer you to the Hexbug website instead for product specs. The important thing that *you* will need to know is that your 7-year-old will probably want one. Soon. And if, like mine, they insist that it be a certain color (nope, “assorted colors” is not acceptable to some), you will have to purchase a pink Nano Hexbug on Ebay ($9) like I did so that there are no tears.

p.s. Warning- it arrived and it is fairly creepy. If you startle easily at the sight of something small scurrying around on the floor in your peripheral vision, you won’t like this toy very much. The kids, of course, LOVE it.

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2 Responses to What a (7 Year Old) Girl Wants

  1. Aimee K. says:

    M is obsessed with Hexbugs. They freak me out (they are very creepy), but thankfully they are easy to lose 😉

  2. mymomshops says:

    I have to buy a 2nd one for S. They are fighting over R's. It scares me like the Zhu Zhu pets do. Reminds me of suddenly spotting a mouse scurrying in my first NYC apartment!

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