Best and Worst Dressed at the Emmys

Did you watch the Emmys on Sunday night? Which clothing did you like best? Least? Here are my picks.

Worst Dressed Female:

Anna Paquin. Oh, she was so much prettier when she was a little girl in The Piano. I hate this dress- the shoulder pads, the heaviness of the beading, the tight fit through the waist, the draping near the knees, and the clunky shoes she chose to go with it. Kudos on the hair and jewelry, though. (Photo courtesy of Huffington Post)

Best Dressed Female:

Dianna Agron. I don’t even watch Glee but now I am curious about this young actress because I think she must have a great sense of style to have chosen (and landed) this gorgeous Carolina Herrera confection for her very first Emmys. It is so pretty and “special” without being too frou-frou. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

Worst Dressed Male:

Neil Patrick Harris. I love NPH, but I think this two-tone jacket ruins his whole look. It looks like a tailor ran out of gray fabric and used black to fill in the rest of the pattern. (Photo courtesy of JustJared

Best Dressed Male:

Jon Hamm. Is there any question???? Sheer perfection. He is the TV version of a movie star. Lucky Jennifer Westfeldt. (Photo courtesy of Just Jared).

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