For Messy Eaters

I don’t usually review these types of products, but I was curious when a friend of my best friend sent me her new product, a SmartSeat Chair Protector, to try out. Or, more specifically, for my parents to try out, since they have “nice” upholstered dining chairs whereas mine are (already ruined) Pottery Barn chairs. The SmartSeat chair protectors are clever waterproof, stain resistant, and (of course) washable chair covers designed to look neutral and blend in with your decor (no tacky plastic covers here). It’s a simple design using adjustable straps which securely fit chairs ranging from 18″ to 25″ wide, which means pretty much most any dining chair. My mom used it when giving S. mac ‘n cheese for lunch at her apartment last week, and said it worked out very nicely, since a fair amount of his lunch ended up falling onto (or wiped onto) the seat of the chair. So it gets a Grandma seal of approval. It’s available in two colors right now- sandstone tan or midnight blue- for $19.99 each at SmartSeat Chair Protector. Buy some for home…and some for visit to Grandma’s, too.

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  1. Gina says:

    Those seats would look good for a dining set.

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