Purple/Silverlicious Coat

I told you about S’s new One Kid reversible winter coat which I purchased in late summer. Now, just in time for the cold temperatures, I persuaded R. to decide on her coat colors for this winter- she chose the on-trend Plum and Silver Reversible Coat, also by One Kid. I think this is the first winter in 3 years she hasn’t worn pink, and I have to say I adore the new coat, particularly the silver side. It is definitely one of those “I wish they made this in my size” garments. At A Child’s Closet the coat is still available in sizes 2T-10 years for $125 with free shipping (it was sold out in a neighborhood store). There is also an exquisite One Kid knit hat and scarf set with bows that coordinates with the coat, if you have another $55 to spare.

Those of you with daughters, what color did she (or you) choose for her winter coat this year? Pink? Or is she branching out to other colors?

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  1. smileymonkeys says:

    This is the coat I was eyeing the other day on a girl from my daughter's school…I love the colors! I am buying one even if I don't get the giveaway! Thanks for pointing it out on your blog!

  2. smileymonkeys says:


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