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Note: This is a repost from 2009, but since Daylight Savings Time ended at 2am today, I thought some of you might, um, be wondering again how to get your kids to sleep a bit later. Sadly, S. regularly wakes at 5am again (and that was even before turning the clocks back) so we are using this very product again!

Dear MyMomShops,

I always turn to your blog for great advice and ideas, so I figured you might be able to guide me on this one. I am certain I have seen a nightlight somewhere, that has a sun/moon icon and can be set by parents for specific waking times in the morning. Of course when I saw this, my son was not yet a toddler. He is now, and is having trouble sleeping past 5am. I’d love some advice on nightlights if you have any!

Tired in MN

Dear Tired,

Oh boy, can I relate. In the early days of this blog, when my son was an infant, readers noticed that I was awake to post things by 5 or 5:15am. My son was an Early Riser Extraordinaire, often up as early 4:45. I could not stomach other parents complaining that their kids “only” slept till 6:30! Luckily, he is now sleeping until 6am which, yes, I consider late! But 6:30 would be even nicer…

Anyway, I did some Internet searching and I think I found the nightlight that you are looking for. It’s called, simply, the Good Nite Lite and costs $34.95. Six inches around, it’s a clever combination of traditional nightlight and built-in timer that provides visual cues even a toddler can understand (first it’s a sun for daytime, then it dims and becomes a moon for nighttime/sleeping). Parents set the timer for when they would like to phase out the moon face and phase in the sun face (letting the child know it’s OK to get up!) at gradually later times, so that the child slowly changes his or her sleep patterns. I haven’t tried it personally, but it sounds like a great idea, and definitely more soothing than calling out to your kids, “Hey, it’s not 7am yet, stay in your room!” It’s gotta be worth a try.

Let us know how it goes!

Wishing you sleepful nights (and restful mornings),

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3 Responses to Ask MyMomShops: Programmable Nighlight

  1. Aimee says:

    I might have to get that! M. started waking up BEFORE 6am.

  2. Becca says:

    I like this as alternative to a nightlight.

    The face of the clock shines green at a set time so the child knows when it’s okay to get out of bed. I prefer this over the nightlight idea, since it can continue to be used as a digital clock and alarm when the child is older.

  3. morethanmom says:

    OMG! I so need this or the light that Becca said. I also have an early riser, often up before 6 AM. He can read now, so maybe I can say stay in your room and read quietly until 6:30!

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