Our Holiday Card. Times Two.

I am really happy with my holiday card. I mean, holiday cards (plural). I couldn’t decide between two designs, so I chose both. Half the people on my list are receiving this Happy Holidays 2010 card from Paper Culture (we used a color photograph and a vertically oriented photograph, so they were able to make a vertical version card for us instead, which I appreciated):

And the other half are receiving this Peace Love and Hope Holiday Photo Card from Minted (by the way, if you want to order cards from Minted, you can get 10% off through December 15th with code “SHARE10”):

I am pleased with both. The Minted cards are probably more high end. I paid a bit more and got shimmery silver envelopes and the wrap-around skinny address labels, too, which I loved. But I have to say that Paper Culture really impressed me with fantastic customer service, exceptional cardstock (you know I am a stickler for that) with rounded edges, and even their beautiful eco-friendly packaging. So it’s a draw.

I’m curious..did any of you have a hard time deciding on a holiday card design? Did any of you take the extra crazy step that I did and order 2 separate card designs????

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i used minted. the service was excellent and the paper quality was wonderful…thicker than others.

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