Fourth Blogiversary Giveaway #6: Baby Print Art $100 Gift Certificate

Hey! I hope you are all enjoying the 4th Blogiversary Giveaway Week so far. The entires are pouring in. In case you’ve missed the first half (5 out of 10 giveaways), here’s a recap (remember, you can enter as many of the giveaways as you want between now and Sunday, January 23rd):

Giveaway #1: Lands End Beach Getaway Package- $208
Giveaway #2: Paloma’s Nest $100 Gift Certificate
Giveaway #3: Tea Collection $100 Gift Certificate from Pacifier
Giveaway #4: Skip Hop’s New BENTO Ultimate Diaper Bag
Giveaway #5: Mitetees $100 Gift Certificate

Ready for more??? For Giveaway #6, Baby Print Art has donated a $100 gift certificate so that one lucky winner will be able to create some lovely custom kids’ handprint and footprint art for her home. I’ve done this for myself (see 1st photo below) and I absolutely love it. There is something so precious and nostalgic about your kids’ handprints or footprints (even if you think they are not teeny-tiny enough anymore, trust me, they are…S’s footprint at age 3 already looks small to me a year later). Here’s how the process works: Baby Print Art sends you a kit with paper and ink to make sample hand and footprints (you can try a few times and they’ll use the best print). They even include hand wipes to clean the kids off afterwards. You send the kit back in a pre-paid envelope, and a few weeks later you’ll get your finished, professional quality canvas. The canvas I got was the signature Wee Print Portrait ($79) but there are many other options too (plus add-on features like the child’s name, birthdate, and even a photo). They have also added finger print canvases which I’d be curious to try. Check out the customer gallery to get some inspiration, and to see how the pieces look when hanging on the wall in your home.

These canvases are real conversation pieces in your home (whether you place them in a nursery, child’s bedroom, or playroom), and years from now they will be a wonderful reminder of just how little your little ones were. Keep in mind that these make excellent grandparent gifts, too! Visit Baby Print Art.

Win it! One reader will win a $100 gift certificate to Baby Print Art. Here are the contest rules:

1) Visit Baby Print Art and tell us what your favorite product is. Leave your comment on THIS post (click on “comments” below).
2) You may leave up to 3 separate entries- 1 entry with a comment as described in #1, 1 entry with a link to where you have blogged about this giveaway, 1 entry with your Twitter name if you have tweeted about this giveaway.
3) Post your entries by 11:59pm EST, Sunday, January 23rd. Maximum 3 entries per person (as described above), please. US addresses only.
4) One winner will be chosen at random (using and announced on Monday morning, January 24th at the blog and via our e-newsletter (if you’d like to subscribe, please e-mail me with “subscribe” in the subject line).
5) If you are not subscribed to our e-newsletter, please remember to check back on Monday morning, January 24th to see if you won any prizes. If any prize is NOT claimed within 72 hours, the next random winner (using will be contacted.

Remember, you can enter as many Blogiversary Giveaway contests as you’d like by midnight (EST) on Sunday, January 23rd, but with a maximum of three entries per contest (see details above). All winners will be announced on Monday, January 24th.


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71 Responses to Fourth Blogiversary Giveaway #6: Baby Print Art $100 Gift Certificate

  1. windycindy says:

    I really like the Hand Print Art!
    Thanks very much…Cindi

  2. windycindy says:

    Again, many thanks!

  3. Savvy Addy says:

    I would love to take our fave photo and make it a canvas!

  4. Jill Turner says:

    I love the Wee Prints Portrait! I'm expecting a new little niece and this would make a fab gift to her parents.
    XO Jill

  5. Selena @ Stoneyville says:

    I like the simple foot print art.

  6. Aura says:

    would love the family print portrait with all my kids

  7. Kristen says:

    Love the Wee Print Portraits! I would definitely need to order one for my daughter (3) and son (10 months). Gorgeous keepsake to cherish forever!

  8. Terri Fisher says:

    I like the Unison Print Portrait idea!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I adore the wee print portrait. Thank you for sharing this site!

  10. lmg3378 says:

    The Hand Print Art is so cute!!

  11. jacksmom says:

    I have admired the print you designed since you posted it! This is on my "must do" list, but I need to do it soon…my three-year old is almost four, yikes! Love the wee print art!

  12. sweetpea18 says:

    i love the hand and foot prints!
    heatheranya at hotmail dot com

  13. achill says:

    I'd love to record my kids' handprints. So sweet.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love the handprints and family print!

  15. Lupe says:

    I love all the Wee Print Portraits!

  16. Meg says:

    The fingerprint art is AMAZING!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I like the Unison Print Portrait! Great idea!
    lsb13 at comcast dot net

  18. Tamara says:

    I love the foot print art – gorgeous!!

  19. Colleen says:

    I love the family print and would love it for my family to do! colleen(d0t)m(d0t)duffy(at)gmail

  20. Nikki says:

    I like the Treasured Pet portraits ngiraldi @ gmail . com

  21. Jackie says:

    I love the clue print portrait! Thanks!

  22. Jennifer Karol says:

    Love the Wee prints portrait. If I dont win I may have to buy it!

  23. Adam Karol says:

    Love to take my babies first photo and make a picture- by the way, my wife is making me do this!

  24. Allison Chaiet says:

    Foot print

  25. Barbara Rutter says:

    Photo Canvas

  26. David Rutter says:

    Family Portrait

  27. Ursula says:

    At the 18-week ultrasound yesterday, clearly saw a tiny foot and a waving hand. Would choose the single Wee Print picture each of a hand and foot to adorn the baby's nursery wall.

  28. Stefanie P. says:

    Love the Clue Print Portraits! I would buy 3 for my playroom with my three kids prints!

  29. Andrea says:

    This is the neatest art, I love the simple hand print art.

  30. Brit says:

    I love the photos with the hand prints! I would love to do this with my boys for their grandma!

  31. lace says:

    The wee prints with a photo is adorable.

  32. Jane says:

    I love the hand print art

    jane at snanimals dot com

  33. sandyandcosmo says:

    My favorite would be the Wee Prints Portraits, my son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first child and this would be a perfect gift.

  34. Kimberly says:

    I like the Unison Print Portrait. It's a neat idea and looks just abstract enough to start conversations.

  35. Anonymous says:

    love the wee print portraits!

  36. jdjmcc says:

    The Family Print Portraits would make a lovely keepsake!Thanks!

  37. Anonymous says:

    totally love the family art portraits!! zmama09 at yahoo dot com

  38. Anonymous says:

    tweeted @zmama09

    zmama09 at yahoo dot com

  39. Anonymous says:

    The Hand Print Art is so cool!

  40. Aimee says:

    Their photos on canvas are pretty cool; I'd love to do that for a photo of mine.
    aimeeeldon at hotmail dot com

  41. shannon says:

    Love the fingerprint art!

  42. Anonymous says:

    tweeted @zmama09
    zmama09 at

  43. Ryan and Deminy... says:

    I love the photo print on canvas.

  44. Kourtney says:

    The Wee Print Portraits on Canvas are my favorite!

  45. newmama2010 says:

    My favorite item is the Sports Theme Portrait.

  46. Jenna Z says:

    The kid prints are cute but I actually like the Dog Paw Prints on Canvas best!

  47. jamaise says:

    What a cute idea using your childs actual prints – I'd just design a simple hand & foot print canvas.

  48. twinmom says:

    i would love to do some hand and footprint art of my new preemies hands and feet.

  49. LisaFriedman says:

    I like the sports theme portraits… my husband is a die-hard Duke Blue Devil and I know he'd get a kick out of one of those with our son on it!

  50. mags0012 says:

    The foot and hand prints are cute. skmagsam at yahoodotcom

  51. Shop with Me Mama says:

    I like the photographs on canvas the best!

  52. The Matlocks says:

    I would love to take have a picture of my son put on canvas. I love it.

  53. - Marybeth I. says:

    i LOVE the unison print portraits!

  54. Lesa says:

    I love the baby hand print. The colors to choose from are gorgeous.

  55. jhaleyuvm says:

    Love the idea of a photo canvas piece. It would be great to see a place I love all the time hanging in my home!

  56. LizzieA says:

    I like the wee print portrait in Passion!

  57. Julie says:

    I like to get a photograph on canvas

  58. Tylerpants says:

    Love the WEE Print Portrait, what a great keepsake! tylerpants(at)

  59. Becca Allred says:

    I love the wee print portrait.

  60. tina reynolds says:

    I would do the family print and use are Christmas picture thanks for the chance to win

  61. Anonymous says:

    Love the hand print art!
    Flyergal82 (at) YAHOO (dot) com

  62. trixx says:

    I like the Clue Print Portrait, how unique!

  63. Dana says:

    I really like the Photo Canvas.

  64. Jenna says:

    We would have SO much fun with the family art portrait! What a cool idea.

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