Queen for a Day

(Left to right: Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, Style/Image Consultant Chris Oh, yours truly, Celebrity makeup artist Denise Del Russo, and fashion/lifestyle blogger Tineey).

Did I mention that I won an a style consultation and makeover at last summer’s BlogHer conference, courtesy of a party sponsored by Getting Gorgeous? Well, I finally got to take advantage of this recently. Brooklyn-based style/image consultant Chris Oh came to my home to do an in-depth analysis of my current “needs” (read: MANY) in the style department. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful it was. Chris came over on an afternoon when I was particularly worn-out and exhausted from single parenthood. In addition to talking about the nitty-gritty of makeovers like clothing, make-up, and hair, she gave me excellent advice on some bigger issues such as building my own brand, developing my personal style, and even some new directions for my professional life. Chris was so smart and upbeat and full of good ideas. I think she is part life-coach, too!

Armed with all the information she collected from our first meeting, Chris returned several weeks laster for my Big Day in which I would receive a body Body/Face Analysis, Color Analysis, and Wardrobe Editing, Assisted Shopping and Special Event Makeovers. And not only would I receive the benefiit of Chris’s expert eye, but I was also in for some amazing celeb-worthy treats (read on). First, Chris helped me learn all sorts of useful information like my body type (hourglass- who knew??), which fabrics work best on me (jersey knits with some weight), what size/proportion jewelry works best with my face (one big piece at a time- either earrings or necklace- but not both), and what my best color palette is.

Next Chris went into my closet and gently encouraged me to get rid of anything that looked too um, ugly, or just didn’t fit. She pointed out which pieces in my wardrobe worked best and why, and how I could “go shopping in my closet” with what I already had to make new and different-looking outfits. Thanks to Chris, I donated two garbage bags full of clothing and came up with at least a half dozen new outfits that I’ve been wearing.

Next, I chose my “getting gorgeous” outfit- the dress that I had worn a year before to my 15th college reunion. And then the fun really started. I got a fantastic new haircut by Sarah Potempa, a celebrity hair stylist who had just cut Anne Hathaway’s hair before arriving to cut mine. She also tends to the tresses of Jake Gyllenhall, the Olsen sisters, and a bunch of other notables. Plus, she is a new mom herself, so we chatted quite a bit about babies. Anyway, she gave me a “dry” haircut (Vidal Sassoon style!) right in my kitchen, giving me a shorter, lighter do that I can manage to style myself with the help of a flat iron.

Then, I got my makeup done by another expert, Denise Del Russo, who taught me how to quickly cover-up my tired look (longtime readers of this blog know that my younger child has been waking before 6am his entire life and no, I am not kidding, and yes, I have tried everything) and even how to make myself sparkle a bit on top of that. Denise gave me a short list of my “must-have” products which was so handy and a complete time-saver.

It was a fantastic afternoon and I felt like royalty surrounded by these amazing women who helped me look and feel my best. While I haven’t been able to pull of this look 100% successfully on my own, I have been able to utilize a lot of their suggestions. So maybe I’m 50% there. Stay tuned!

Chris Oh is a personal brand and image consultant. She partners with her clients to help them develop a personal style that effortlessly communicates a confident message. Some of her services include: Body/Face Analysis, Color Analysis, Wardrobe Editing, Assisted Shopping and Special Event Makeovers. For more information, visit her website.

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  1. Julie says:

    Congrats Joanna!! You look great! See you at the 100th, I hope. -Julie

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