Rainboots, High and Low

The Uggs craze hit my Manhattan neighborhood several winters ago. I actually found them ugg-ly (especially for something so expensive), so I kept wearing my trusty boots from Tar-jay. More recently, Hunter Boots have taken over the streets of New York. Now these, I really like. Especially in silver. These Original Tall Welly Boots cost $140 at Neiman Marcus. That’s a lot of rainy day savings.

When my old rainboots finally collapsed recently (I think that zillionth snowstorm did them in), I stayed on budget and returned to Target where I bought these kitschy Umbrella and Dots Print Rainboots for $24.99. They’re fun, right? And they get the job done.

With the money I saved, I also bought another piece of new raingear at Target. Something very trendy right now, which I’ll post soon.

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2 Responses to Rainboots, High and Low

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is also an adorable pair at L.L. Bean I'm cosidering:


    I had a pair from Target a few years back, and the material started cracking and therefore, leaking 🙁

  2. RahaYu says:

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