For Your Next Party at the Peach Pit

I stumbled onto Party Dotts when I noticed they were following me on Twitter. This small company has a cute idea–they make double-sided photo confetti that you can use at parties to decorate the table, party favors, or even the cake. While customers have used them for baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, and the like, the sample confetti that caught my eye was the “90s Party Reunion”- perfect for 1990 high school grads like me. I suppose you could submit photos of Dylan, Brenda and the gang (read how it works), but I think you are supposed to scour your own collection for embarrassing snaps of you and your friends decked out in babydoll dresses. One “party pack” (enough confetti for a 30-person bash) costs $29.99. Read more at Party Dotts.

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