Happy Birthday to Our #1 Baby Boomer

This weekend we’re celebrating Grandma’s (my mom’s) milestone birthday. Yes, she was born in the first Baby Boomer year of 1946. Typically low-key, she does not want anyone to make a fuss about her birthday, but the kids and I have something special planned. And contrary to what my “guest blogger” (7-year-old R., who hijacked my keyboard) wrote below, it is not a surprise party. The playdough part is true, though.

Tomorrow it is Grandmas birthday.We are going to have a suprise birthday party . There will be three cakes one chocolate one vanilla and one playdough cake.Rachel wrote this.

Happy Birthday to our amazing, devoted Grandma & Mom with all of our love and thanks!

Photo by Kate Burton: Me, my mom, and R. (age 8 months).

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  1. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday, Grandma M! Great picture.

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