Shop Report: Carlo’s Bakery

UPDATED: Buddy from Cake Boss mentioned us on Twitter! R. is going to be so excited when she sees this.

Have I mentioned that my 7 1/2-year-old daughter is obsessed with TLC’s Cake Boss? She knows every episode by heart. I’m not kidding. So during our “mommy/daughter” weekend this past weekend (S. went to the ‘burbs with Grandma and Grandpa), I knew that a perfect field trip would be an outing to the famous Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey.

I did my research and learned that to avoid the longest lines, you have to arrive at Carlo’s verrrry early, i.e. as close to the 7am opening as possible. We got there at 8am on Saturday morning, and there were already about 20 people ahead of us in line outside (plus the bakery was already filled with customers inside).

R. posed for a picture outside and got some ideas about future celebrations of her own…

We had to wait outside for about half an hour, but it was totally worth it when we were called inside the warm bakery and got to view (and sniff) all the delicious goodies:

Most of the customers were fans of the show like us, and/or tourists. But some people were actually there to pick up cake orders, mostly for birthdays:

We eventually chose two cupcakes, plus 1 “lobster tail” (a flaky croissant-like pastry filled with vanilla custard), and some coffee cake. These were the cupcakes which we gobbled on the way home:

Of course, there are souvenirs to buy, too. R. conned me into buying her a talking Buddy bobblehead for a whopping $27.

The customers of course are all on the lookout for Cake Boss “Buddy.” He wasn’t there (he was touring in Ohio), but R. immediately recognized these supporting cast members:

Mauro, Buddy’s right-hand-man and brother-in-law:

Grace, Buddy’s eldest sister:

And Buddy’s mother Mary, who is absolutely hysterical. She had the crowd in stitches. R. took a little video of her which you can watch here.

It was definitely worth the trip for us. If you have a Cake Boss fan in your family, I highly recommend a visit to Carlo’s!

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6 Responses to Shop Report: Carlo’s Bakery

  1. jodifur says:

    I'm so jealous. I covered next great baker for TLC and would love to go the bakery!

  2. Jane says:

    I would LOVE to go there, that's awesome!! Dana from the next great baker (the winner) is from Delaware (like me!)

  3. mymomshops says:

    R. loved Next Great Baker, too, and was hoping to see Dana at the bakery as well! No such luck. We are hoping it returns for Season 2.

  4. Nancy Morales in Austin Texas says:

    The cakes, pastries and breads all look delicious. The cakes are pretty and the cupcakes wow. I am so excited about wanting to go to Hoboken New Jersey, I want 2 go visit. I want to meet all of you fantastic people that I have come to watch on tv. I love the show Cake Boss and the cooking show also. Make me a cake and cook dinner for me, Buddy and La Familia I love you all.

  5. Michelle from GA says:

    I visited NYC for Thanksgiving 2009 and my mom & I rode over to Carlo's Bakery. It was a DREAM COME TRUE, best part of my trip! I even got lucky enough to get a picture with Buddy. The whole family is so great!

  6. Sean says:

    So jealous! Everything they make looks so pretty and delicious. I would love to get a cake from there. Think they deliver to Houston? 🙂

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