Autism Awareness at Cafe Press

This month, CafePress is donating 10% of final sales of all user-designed autism awareness t-shirts and other merchandise to Autism Speaks–the largest autism awareness, research, and advocacy organization in North America. Many CafePress shopkeepers are personally working in the fight against autism. Here are some of my favorite products:

With the help of his mother Crystal Cook, 21-year-old Wilson (who has autism) has designed a line of autism awareness merchandise with the theme “Labels go on soup cans – autism is just a diagnosis.” My pick: Different is the New Normal Tote Bag ($17)

Matt McKendrick from Maryland has a stepson who is being evaluated for autism, and designing this line of products has been cathartic for Matt, who says, ” My greatest satisfaction comes from expressing how people with autism are no different than the rest of us and deserve our love, compassion and understanding.” My pick: Autism Puzzle Block iPhone 4 Slider Case ($26.99)

Janine Vasquez, a California mother of a boy with autism whom she describes as a “quirky genius,” opened her CafePress shop “Super Cool Autism” to promote autism awareness in a colorful, fun way. My pick: Happy Autism Puzzle Kids’ Baseball Shirt ($17.50)

You can shop for autism-themed merchandise (over 384,000 available products) at Cafe Press. Also be sure to read more about the inspiring shopkeepers and their families who fight autism every day.

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