Royal Wedding Cupcake Toppers

Are you hosting a Royal Wedding party to view the big event on April 29th? I’m considering it…I’m up so early anyway with S. Via Twitter, I saw a link to these jolly edible Royal Wedding Cupcake Toppers from British shop Hunky Dory Home. Nothing like edible Union Jacks and crowns emblazoned with “Happy Wedding Day Kate & Wills”. Of course, it isn’t very convenient (or cheap) to buy them in the U.S.–they cost £9.99 and I’m sure overseas shipping is pricey, too. But if you are a crafty baker type, maybe you can figure out how to recreate them.

Did you hear that the royal wedding cake will be a fruitcake? “Yuck” was my reaction, too, but apparently it is a U.K. tradition.

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