From the Archives: Dr. Seuss’s My Book About Me

Editor’s note: I first suggested this gift in June 2009. And I just bought another copy to give to one of S’s friends. First published in the 1960s, “My Book About Me” just gets better with age. R. and I love looking at the copy she filled out 2 years ago. Also, FYI, the price has dropped a bit at it is now about $9. Stock up for birthdays!

R. and her friends are into a busy spring/summer season of 6th birthday parties, and I’m considering giving some copies of this Dr. Seuss-style My Book About Me as gifts. R. completed her own copy recently (I think it is ideal for ages 4 to 7). On each page the child gets to fill in something like the number of teeth they have “upstairs” or “downstairs”, their favorite foods and colors, or more silly questions like how many windows are in their house (R. loved counting that out). There are places where the kids draw or even trace their little hands. It’s fun for kids to do, and a very sweet momento for parents to keep. And, it’s quite affordable- it costs just $10.17 in hardcover (normally $14.97) at

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