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I won’t ever forget the panicked phone call I got from one of my Manhattan friends during last year’s NYC bedbug scourge when she discovered her apartment was infested. . . three days before her induction of her 2nd child. Yikes!! Her family had to vacate their home for several weeks (toddler and newborn in tow) and spent a small fortune removing every trace of those nasty little buggers. Unfortunately, it seems like NYC is headed into bedbug season again this Spring.

Of course, it is better not to attract bedbugs in the first place. Granted, even the cleanest people in the cleanest apartments can get them (I had mice in my first NYC apartment, when I lived as a spotlessly clean single gal with nary a Goldfish cracker in sight). But there are a few things you can do to prevent an infestation. One is to deter them from their favorite hiding place…your bed.

So, I was intrigued when I heard from our latest sponsor, Mulberry West, which is a new line of mulberry silk bedding that bed bugs hate (but moms & kids love). Designed by Lana Abrams (a former Starbucks executive), this bedding is designed to mimic the luxurious silk bedding that you might enjoy in a top Asian resort–but at a substantially lower price.

Mulberry West bedding is made locally in Seattle, Washington from Grade A mulberry silk, which is nature’s highest quality silk. The silk fibers are used as filling within 300 thread count pure cotton covers, trimmed in luxurious satin border. These lightweight comforters and blankets are all hypoallergenic and long lasting. Mulberry silk is natural but tough, and its fibers maintain its structure for years, unlike duck or goose down which tend to break down. And, because mulberry silk contains sericin (a natural protein that repels bed bugs and dust mites…learn something new every day, right?), bedbugs will NOT want to make their home in your bed.

You can watch on this You Tube video of how bedbugs prefer down filling over mulberry silk filling. I can’t vouch for this video’s contents because frankly I was too skeeved out at the idea of seeing live bedbugs in action to watch it myself. But I’ll trust the demonstration.

Also, Mulberry West appeals not just to the bedbug-phobic among us, but also to the allergy ridden (a group that is on the rise). Naturally hypoallergenic, Mulberry West comforters and blankets are allergy and asthma friendly. “Hypoallergenic bedding is one of the key steps to minimizing exposure to environmental allergens, particularly dust mites,” says Dr. Neeta Ogden, an adult and pediatric allergy specialist at Englewood Hospital & Medical Center.

Right now the Mulberry West product line includes king and queen size comforters ($229 and $199), king and queen blankets ($189 and $159), and small blankets ($99) which can be used for children (or in a crib when your toddler is old enough to sleep safely with a blanket). Bonus: every order ships for free.

Finally, as an eco-friendly company, Mulberry West is committed to using natural packaging for its products. All items are packaged in 100% recycled non-woven material which contains no PVC, lead, ammonia, bleach or formaldehyde. Buy them at Mulberry West.

Please note that this is a sponsored post. All views expressed here are entirely my own.

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