National Stationery Show 2011: Kid Stuff

I spotted lots of unique stationery products for babies & kids–everything from birth announcements to camp notes–at the National Stationery Show last week. Here are the best ones that I want to share with you (when available, I have included links and prices):

Elum Designs makes these adorably-packaged My First Thank You Notes kits for kids. Maybe, just maybe, this will make writing thank you notes less cumbersome.

A newcomer to the show, “Up Up Creative” (the company was named by the toddler son of founder Julie Green), makes these “Terrible Twos” cards. My favorite is “Dah-Wee” (Sorry) ($4).

Always a favorite at NSS, Brooklyn letterpress shop 9 Spot Monk offers Little Artist color in-cards with crayons ($4.50). A great option for younger kids who can’t quite draw a picture on their own yet, but would like to leave their mark.

I know my tween would love these new scented Twisty Stix ($2.99) by International Arrivals, the same company that brought you Smencils.

Framed birth announcement prints are wonderful keepsakes that do double duty as nursery decor. I liked these Baby Wall Announcements by Abbey Malcolm Press.

Looking for some stationery that feels different? Check out “Fabrinery” fabric-backed notecards by HB Designs. Lots of cute designs available for your little boy or girl to choose from.

I used one of these soft linen Baby Photo Albums ($23) by Estelle Billot as a brag book when R. was a newborn. After several years off, Estelle has returned with a new color palette for this top seller, as well as other new products.

I would love to decorate a kids’ bedroom or playroom with the colorful, customized buckets, bins and tubs by The Macbeth Collection. Guess what? We might have a giveaway coming up with them. 🙂

If you’re looking for a big sib gift for a child older than preschool age, you can’t go wrong with the fill-in Big Sibling Book: Baby’s First Year According to ME ($11.55 at by Potter Style.

And, finally, for older kids…check out these camp notes by Oh My Word. Hey, at least it’s more personal than an e-mail.

I hope you’re enjoying my National Stationery Show finds. I still have much to show you, including top trends, party invitations, and birthday/holiday goodies!

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