National Stationery Show 2011: Very Funny

After last year’s 2010 National Stationery Show, I posted some of the funny, snarky, or just plain sarcastic cards I saw. It’s a trend that hasn’t gone away, although this year’s cards seemed a bit softer. Perhaps being nice is back in vogue again….

Here are some entries from the 2011 show that made me chuckle:

At Least You’re Still Pretty ($4) by McBitterson’s. Send these to a thick-skinned friend.

Very Punny collection by Made to Keep. I love these plays on words, especially “I am Hear for You.”

Thurber Quote Birthday Greeting Card ($4.75) by Crane & Co.. My college friends and I all turn 40 next year. I may have to buy a bunch of these. We sure do wish we could go back to age 28 with the knowledge we have now!

Stationery & accessories by Anne Taintor. How awesome are these? In case you can’t read the first one, it says, “Hopes and dreams would only distract me from making these awesome casseroles.”

T. Hanks ($5) by Blue Barnhouse. Don’t you wish you’d thought of this one yourself?

Graduation card (about $4.50) by Flywheel Press. Know someone who dragged their feet through school?

Oh My Word cards ($4.95) by Jack Cards. Cheer a friend after a break-up, or congratulate her on a weight loss.

Divorce Card (from Recession Line) ($3) by 9 Spot Monk. Ain’t this the truth.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the 2011 National Stationery Show!

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