The British Invasion Continues

Yeah, so the wedding is over. But I don’t think interest in Wills & Kate is going to fade away so easily (their honeymoon destination is big news today). I got a new catalog in the mail called Jack Wills (tagline: “Fabulously British Clothing”). This new company (just launched in 2009) had the smarts to include “Wills” in its name. Did you know that “Wills” was actually infant/toddler Prince William’s nickname (his parents Charles & Diana gave it to him, and reporters in 1983 overheard them calling their toddler son by this name)? Jack Wills appears to be a Boden competitor in the apparel division, but of course I was more taken with these housewares. I bet Kate would love to have some of these around the house:

“Wills” Bickley Cushion ($89)

Wills & Kate Minster Mugs ($19 each)

Bonnyton Duvet Cover- Double ($149)

Browse the Anglo-inspired clothing and housewares at Jack Wills.

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