World’s Largest Dinosaurs

My kids and I have been lucky to attend several NYC blogger events recently and I am excited to share them with you. First up is the preview of the new World’s LARGEST Dinosaurs exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History. As NYC kids, R. & S. have been to AMNH many, many times. But we’ve never seen it like this…before opening hours on a Saturday morning, when the Museum is empty, quiet, and beautiful. We were treated to a family program that included breakfast and highlights of the new exhibition, which features the latest research and findings on “sauropods”, including the mammoth Mamenchisaurus (one of the largest dinosaurs ever). I learned quite a bit–I may be catching up with Dino Dan. The exhibition includes life-sized bones, organs, and more that will make your own jaws drop. I wish I had had more time to examine everything in depth, but a certain 4-year-old and 7-year-old kept skipping ahead. Here’s what caught their attention the most:

Putting their feet inside a huge dinosaur footprint:

Learning about (and touching) big dinosaur bones under the supervision of a Museum docent:

Seeing lots of skeletal remains with “funny faces” as S. said:

And digging around as junior paleontologists (I think this was almost every kid’s favorite part, actually):

I definitely recommend checking out this exhibition with your kids (I’d say it is best for ages 3 and up), whether it is your 1st or 40th visit to American Museum of Natural History. One word of caution: there are strategically placed dino-themed gift shops all over the place. I managed to escape having only spent $20. Caveat emptor!

p.s. Check out the interactive Kids & Family section of the AMNH website, too. There are videos, games, projects & more.

Disclosure: I was not compensated by the AMNH for this post, and the views expressed are entirely my own.

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