Ask MyMomShops: Moving Announcements, City Style

(From the Editor: It’s moving season! Two dear friends are moving out of their NYC apartments…one to a larger apartment in our neighborhood, and the other, sadly, to the suburbs. They have each asked me to help them choose moving announcements. First up: my friend who’s staying local.)

Hi Joanna. This is up your alley. can you recommend moving announcements for our new apartment? Have you noticed particularly cute ones from one company or another?

Dear R.,

Congratulations on your new apartment! I know how long you’ve been looking for bigger digs in the Big Apple. And I know that you’ve done a lot of work on your new place, so you want to celebrate with some super cool announcements. Here are some that I think might appeal to your urban sensibility!


Paint Swatch by Pear Tree Geetings.

Robyn Miller City Living Map Moving Announcements at Paper Buzz.

Paint Roller Moving Announcements by Smudge Ink for Tiny Prints

The Big Move Moving Announcements by Minted.

Modern Street Address Moving Announcement by Sweet Prints Shop.

Little City Announcements by Invitation Consultants.

New York City Moving Announcement by Moving Announcement Store.

Let me know which announcement you end up choosing. Lots of good luck to you and your family in your new home!

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