Pottery Barn Kids (Lack Of) Customer Service

I don’t think I’ve ever written a post like this before (I am a sometimes annoyingly positive person), but I have just had such a bad experience with Pottery Barn Kids that I must share it with my readers. R. has wanted their Larkin desk and hutch and chair for a long time. I saved up money and ordered it (it took a long time) and waited longer for someone to help me put it together (single mom + kids with special needs + bad back= not so easy furniture assembly). When we opened the final box (which contained the most important piece- -the top of the desk), we discovered that not only was that piece broken, but it also was in the wrong color (the rest of the set was white…this piece for some reason was dark mahogany). Long story short, when I called customer service, they tried to blame me for not noticing their error sooner. They told me “we’re only human” and that “mistakes happen.” When I asked what they could do to fix this problem (a standard question), they were stumped…and finally said I could return what was unassembled. I asked for a replacement part for the desk and was dismayed to find it had (suddenly) been discontinued. And since I had already set up the chair and some accessories myself, those were non-returnable. I would have to pack up the large furniture components myself and bring them downstairs again for UPS pick up today. Which I did, and it was not easy. Well, I was told UPS would pick up these boxes between 8am and 7pm today, and they never came. To add insult to injury, customer service cut me off during a phone call today, and then put me on hold for 20 minutes when I called back, and I never got connected again to the representative who had promised to help me (if they really wanted to help, I assume they would have called me back).

You know what I’m most disappointed about? My 7-year-old daughter, who as you know has not had an easy year, has been waiting and waiting for this desk. I spent a LOT of money I had worked a long time to save to buy her this set. Now we have parts of it that are non-returnable, but still don’t have the actual desk. I have lost faith in a company that I really, really loved. And my daughter–who really deserved to have something good come her way–is crushed.

As much as I love how the furniture in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog looks, at this time I can not endorse any of their products until/unless they are able to show me the type of customer service a company of this caliber should deliver effortlessly.

I’m curious…have any of you had problems with Pottery Barn Kids customer service? Please leave your comments below. Heck, feel free to vent about any companies you are experiencing problems with. Group hug!

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13 Responses to Pottery Barn Kids (Lack Of) Customer Service

  1. Tamara says:

    wow, that is horrible!! let us know if they rectify it for you.

  2. Dara E. says:

    Yes – numerous bad experiences with both Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. It usually all gets resolved after way too many emails, phone calls and foot stomping. Their prices are too high for such poor service.

    Totsy.com tops my list of bad service this year. I finally was able to get a hold of their CEO after writing to different mom-blogs. I told the CEO we were just two degrees of separation from each other via linkedin.com. A.) It shouldn't take that much effort to retain customers and B.) You never know how you're connected to people.

  3. Cheri says:

    I haven't had personal experience with bad customer service from them, but I am SO sorry to hear of your experience! I know you and your daughter were really excited about this desk. They should really take back the whole thing, IMO. It may mean disassembling it, but it is ridiculous that they would say they will only take back a portion. Have you considered researching to find the head of the company and contacting them directly? May be worth a shot…. Good luck!

  4. the sparkler says:

    I did have a bit of a bad experience with them a couple of weeks ago, it was very mild (especially compared with what you are going through) but a bit irksome none the less. I went into the brick and mortar store, which is a considerable distance to me, only it find out the item I wanted to purchase was on back order. They Offered to order it online for me right there in the store, which I excepted. I was much dismayed to find that they charged me the shipping fee. I tried to rectify this over the phone. Pottery Barn Kids online customer service would not refund the shipping charges. The told me to call the actual store directly which wouldn't refund over the phone, I need to go into the store to get the shipping credit, which means once again drivin to there store. It's minor, but it really seems like something a costumer shouldn't have to go through especially since they didn't have the product in stock.

  5. VHMPrincess says:

    I would also contact them on twitter – I've had 2 companies reply to me IMMEDIATELY when I tweeted about bad service. Good luck – seems their response is totally unacceptable (only accepting PART of the desk????)

  6. Mary Beth says:

    I have had problems with their furniture, too. Several years ago we spent $800 on a crib that was supposed to convert into a duble-bed when our daughter out-grew the crib. Well, after using the crib for about 18 months, we discovered the conversion kidt did not work. We were told that we needed to order additional parts to make it work. We did that — still no luck. It never did "convert" to a double-bed headboard. I would have never spent $800 on a crib if I thought I would not get more use that 18 months out of it. So sorry for your experience.

  7. mymomshops says:

    An update: I just got a very apologetic phone call offering me a new set (even exchange). If the other model is OK with R., I'll go for it and keep my fingers crossed.

  8. houseofestrogen says:

    That's awful… I know it must be hardest seeing your daughter upset about it. Sadly, I've heard other bad PBK customer service stories. 🙁

  9. Carolyn says:

    We had a bad experience with PB Kids once, but they ended up making it right in the end. When we purchased our daughter's crib with a toddler bed conversion kit, the photo online and in the catalog showed that the conversion kit had a built in bed rail. What we received did not. We called them, and they said they would send us a new one. We had to get the other one back outside for UPS to pick it up, and then wait on the PB Kids home delivery to bring a new one. Well, the new one was exactly the same. We called them again, and they admitted that the photos in the catalog and online were not correct. After a little bit of coercion on our part, they ended up giving us $250 in PB Kids gift cards. It made us happy since we were able to use it towards the matching dresser for her set. The last time I checked, they still had the incorrect photo online. Obviously, they haven't learned their lesson.

  10. lisafoose says:

    I'm glad they made things right (it would be suicide if they didn't though!). We had a dresser from them (camp dresser) and it was wonky and the drawer would NOT stay shut. They kept sending people to "fix" it but it never worked. To PBkids credit, they ultimately gave us a new dresser but it took a while.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have horrible experience with Pottery Barn Kids customer service. I've ordered my sons bed over two months ago and it's still in his bed without completely set up. There were missing parts, bed slab and side rails. I called them, emailed them to get it right way many times but it hasn't been done yet. They are so irresponsible and unprofessional. I decided not to order from them any more. And… They are way too expensive for the service I get from them.

  12. Dana says:

    I opened a baby registry at Potterybarn Kids, and after my baby shower I returned a few of the gifts. They told me they had to send me the store credit in the mail for all of the returns, which I was fine with after she verified my address several times. Of course they sent all of my credits to the guests who bought me the gifts so I had to talk to each one of them explaining that I returned their gift and that I would appreciate it if they could send me the store credits they received, so embarrassing.
    I should’ve learned my lesson after dealing with the returns, but I went back for more. This morning I was hung up on by a lovely customer service representative who ran my credit card for a $700 crib then told me after it went through that it was $200 more than the online price and it would take 3 months to be delivered, she couldn’t explain why so after saying things like “What the hell?” and “Why the f*** is this happening?” she just hung up on me . Yes, those were her responses to my questions. I had to call back to find out if my order was even placed, which it was, but they couldn’t tell me what was item was ordered or how much they charged me. This place has just been a nightmare to deal with.

  13. Irina Bak says:

    Just had a terrible customer service experience with PB kids. Got super frustrated and went online to see if anyone else had this experience – found your story. Your story makes me so mad! I never bash companies online but this whole experience is just beyond frustrating! They don’t care about you as a customer. Never shopping there again!

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