Travel Like a Duchess

In case you hadn’t heard, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka William and Kate) arrived in Canada today for their first official overseas trip. Naturally, the media is abuzz about Kate’s clothing, and even her luggage which was spotted on the tarmac. Turns out that Kate has “normal” taste meaning that while she doesn’t exactly shop at Target, she totes her necessities in some reasonably-priced bags. The polka-dotted Spot Day Bag is from the Classic Bag Collection of our affiliate Cath Kidston, and costs the non-princely sum of $75. Expect it to sell out soon, of course. The other bag appears to be Longchamps’s classic Le Pliage Large Totebag in deep red, and is pricier at $145. The next question…I wonder what’s inside those bags? Do you think she travels with In Style and People magazine like the rest of us???

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2 Responses to Travel Like a Duchess

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the blue bag and espically for the price! sl

  2. fred perry says:

    Extremely well written, well thought out article.

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