Ask MyMomShops: Doll Strollers for Older Girls

Note: I’m re-running this popular post from 2010. Please note that the Maclaren pram is no longer available, but the other two carriages still are.

One of the Google searches that most often brings readers to this blog is a search for doll strollers for older/taller girls (they end up here where I, myself, sought advice on a doll stroller for R., then age 5 1/2). That post still receives tons of traffic, so it seems lots of you still want advice on that same topic. Let me give you an update.

We ended up buying this Corolle Nursery Floral Print Carriage. It’s actually not all that tall (the handlebar just reaches about 22 inches high) and R.- who is now 7 years old- definitely has to hunch over to push it- but she still loves to play with it.

Is it taller than your standard toddler-sized doll carriage? Yes. But if I were to do it all over, I’d probably buy one of these two carriages instead:

Maclaren Travelmate Pram Doll Carriage ($69.99 at This one has a handle bar that adjusts up to 28″ tall. And it is stylin’, for sure, with a matching travel bag, folding hood, and removable apron.

Plus, just today I noticed this Polka Dot Pram ($79) in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. It, too, has an adjustable handlebar- this one goes all the way up to 32.5 inches.

I hope this has helped. If any of you have lucked out with other doll carriages appropriate for older/taller girls, please do share them with us in the comments.

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3 Responses to Ask MyMomShops: Doll Strollers for Older Girls

  1. Anonymous says:

    We have the PBK pram and it is a hit. My daughters (4 and 2, and on the petite side, so we haven't used the taller handlebars yet) literally have played with it every day for the past 3 years. It has been on walks with us, to the park, and has circled the interior of our house hundreds of times and it still looks like new. This is not the cheap-o plastic stroller that will fall apart after some good playtime. It was a gift, so I didn't have to worry about the price, but I would definitely recommend it for little or big girls!

  2. resha says:

    wow! so amazing, im sure to have this kind of stroller. my baby wow look like a doll or a princes with. i really like the combination and the color it's just so perfect.

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks Ebony for your reply You must have forgot to show us the list of comomn mistakes ?Anyhow I must disagree with your comments about travel systemsI have used a travel system myself and found that it clicks in and out easy. I also have seen many new moms use there stroller travel systems without any trouble at all. Most of the moms I have asked LOVE their travel system and all have commented on how easy they are to use. Has anyone else had any trouble?

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