Brother/Sister Halloween Clothing

I loved browsing the brother/sister Halloween outfits in my latest CWD Kids catalog. Some of you may scoff at the idea of matching holiday clothing, but I’m not talking about your grandma’s Christmas sweater. These are stylish outfits by top brands, and your kids will enjoy wearing them everywhere from pumpkin-picking to Halloween parties to school. At least, up to a certain age. I have a feeling R. (almost 8 years old) may be boycotting matching her brother this year!

For those of you with kids who are younger and/or more willing, here are my favorite Halloween ensembles for boys and girls:

Halloween Tie-Dye Outfits by Mulberribush. Girls’ dress $42, boys’ tee $30, boys’ pants $34.

Wizard Kitty and Spooky Skull Tees by Flap Happy. Girls’ tee $25, girls’ leggings $26, boys’ tee $24, boys’ pants $27.

Personalized Halloween Pajamas ($39 each) by Sara’s Prints.

Does anyone else besides me like to dress their kids in coordinating Halloween clothing, or clothing for other holidays? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses to Brother/Sister Halloween Clothing

  1. hi , i would like to know how much r the pjams that are matching with the names printed on and can u tell me what sizes there are as i need at least 8 sets its for a dance troup .
    We r going away the 25th – 28th so would need them well before thank you jayne punnett

  2. hi , could you tell me how much the personalised pjamas are( english money) , as i would need about 8 sets with various sizes , its for a dance championship on the 25th october. many thanks x

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