Moey’s Music Party

Top-notch NYC kiddie musician “Moey” (aka Melissa Levis, who is a friend of mine) has just released a new DVD–“Happily Ever Moey! A Fairy Tale Lark in Central Park!” It’s a feast for the eyes and ears with beautiful footage of Central Park where Moey (along with 65 adorable NYC kids) brings classic fairy tales to life with new kid-power endings (for example, Cinderella will “rock around the clock” to help remember how tell time). In celebration of the new DVD, you can sign up for Moey’s renowned weekly classes (which feel more like parties…favors and all!) for $45 per class per child, which will include the DVD/CD for free (a $20 value). In NYC, this is actually a really good deal. Classes meet 10:00 & 11:00 on Wednesdays & Thursdays at the SW corner of 79th St and 5th Ave in Central Park on Cedar Hill (one of my fave spots in the park) for kids of all ages. Buy tickets at Moey’s website and sample some tunes online too!

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