R’s Third Grade Backpack

I just saved a bundle on a major back-to-school item–a backpack for R., who is entering 3rd grade. It actually was a last-minute “emergency” purchase because her Disney Princess Backpack, which saw her through last summer, last school year, and half of this summer–finally gave out and literally fell apart at the seams. Which was fine with her, because she’s declared, “I’m done with Disney princesses.” She is nearly 8, after all. Of course, R. is hard-to-please, so I was a bit worried about buying her a new backpack today without her at my side. But I chose well with Children’s Place’s pink, bubble-patterned Girls’ Backpack, which not only was already on sale (reduced to $12.71 from $16.95), but I nabbed even cheaper with a 15% off coupon. She loves it so much she declared that not only will she bring it to camp for the rest of the summer, but “this will be my 3rd grade backpack, too.” Dare I say that was almost too easy (especially after she’d been talking about getting one of those huge, heavy-duty backpacks on wheels)? I think I will buy another one of these too, too. Because at that price (and with the way she treats her gear), I’m not sure it will make it through all of 3rd grade in one piece!

Have any of you purchased/used Children’s Place backpacks? How well do they hold up?

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  1. Samantha Sibbet says:

    I can totally relate to every word!

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