Happy 100th Birthday Lucy

Did you see Google’s awesome “Lucy” surprise this morning? I had totally forgotten that today would be Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. Which is surprising because while many of us love “I Love Lucy”, I really loved “I Love Lucy.” It was probably my favorite show growing up, and not just because I caught the reruns on TV. My mom (who introduced me to the show) actually enrolled us in a video-of-the-month club (yes, it was the 1980s) to get the most popular episodes on VHS tapes (which we still have). I have seen every episode–and I mean every episode–multiple times and can recite most by heart. Later, when I worked on the curatorial staff at the Museum of Television & Radio (now called the Paley Center) in my late 20s, I was the in-house “I Love Lucy” expert, despite the fact that I was born a generation after the show aired. I even travelled to an annual I Love Lucy fan convention in rural upstate New York (where Lucy was grew up), and let me tell you, that takes dedication–which is rewarded amply by some of the most unusual people-watching you’ll ever see.

More recently, I introduced R. to I Love Lucy. I DVR’d a few episodes for her and she liked “The Diner” (Season 3, Episode 92, first aired April 26, 1954). Have you seen that one? If you have, you’ll laugh too when I tell you that when R. “plays” restaurant with her brother, she calls their establishment “Big Hunk of America.”

Lucy is good pure fun for kids….and watching it with them is a wonderful way to pass on an American classic to the next generation. The DVDs are available on Amazon.com – I highly recmmend Season 3 as the funniest, but you may also want to check out Season 2 (which includes the famous chocolate factory scene from “Job Switching”).

Image: courtesy of Hollywood Outbreak.

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