Sibling Silhouette Thank You Cards

Since my kids’ August birthdays are 12 days apart, and since some friends & family are kind enough to send gifts to both of them, we often write joint thank-you notes. For the past two years, I’ve used the custom silhouette notecards shown above by Le Papier Studio, but now that the kids are 5 and 8, their silhouettes are outdated (sniff, sniff). So I sent in a more recent photo and ordered new cards with the updated silhouette. Here is the 2011 version.

I love comparing it to the old one. . . in a way, the cards become keepsakes as well. Order them for your own kids for $21 at Le Papier Studio.

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2 Responses to Sibling Silhouette Thank You Cards

  1. wedding thank you cards says:

    I've always wanted to make my own thank you cards!

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