Introducing Starabella

I love getting product tips, especially from parents in the special needs community. So I was curious when I received an e-mail from Sharon Fialco, the author/publisher of the “Starabella” audio/picture books series for children ages 2-8. Sharon has created a line of stories based on the childhood music and experiences of her daughter Tara who has autism. Tara composed and performed almost all of the songs and melodies in the stories and CDs which feature the heroine Starabella, a little girl with learning differences who expresses her thoughts and feelings through beautiful music. These are feel-good, instructive books that would appeal to any child (with special needs or not) who is learning how to cope with challenges or negative peer perceptions. The books have won several awards and are even used in classrooms at YAI, the non-profit organization on whose board I serve. Check them out at Starabella; you can buy the entire 3-book series with CDS for $46.99 (or $17.99 individually). Bonus: 10% of sales goes towards Autism Speaks.

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  1. Carlos says:

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