My Blue Bumbershoot

If you’re raising children in NYC, you will love this genius invention. My Blue Bumbershoot was created by two NYC moms who not only realized how cumbersome it is to push a stroller with one hand while carrying your open umbrella with the other, but acted on their idea and spent several years developing a must-have product. I remember cursing out those rainy walks with the stroller so many times (you have to realize that here in NYC, your stroller is like your car…you walk miles and miles every day, and in a downpour you are totally drenched while your child is safely protected in the plastic cover). My Blue Bumbershoot is designed to be as practical and easy as possible; it is one size fits all and clamps easily to almost any stroller. It’s lightweight yet durable, and easy to stow away too. So smart! Celebrate the rain and buy one for $49.99 at My Blue Bumbershoot.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a fantastic product! Genius. and as a Philly mom myself, I just wanted to mention that the two inventors are Philly moms as well.

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