Queen for a Meal

I’ve always admired the lively themed tableware by Rosanna and was drawn immediately to its King’s Road Redux set at last summer’s New York International Gift Fair. Made of refined porcelain, this majestic set is decorated in 24k gold (not microwave safe- sorry!). But the prices are reasonable for mere mortals; a set of four dessert plates costs $40, while a large tray costs $55. Do you think newlyweds William and Kate use these? Visit Rosanna.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Dear Nadesan,I wish to know your opinion about the Jeneva docsiien. I think this situation has increased the diffrences between tamil and Singalese. But most of Tamil (About 99.9%) in jaffna believe that America should send their nato force against Singala rulers and economic embargo etc ..Bharthipan

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