From the Archives: I Made This Candy Corn Wreath

This was originally posted in October 2010.

You know I haven’t ever considered myself a crafty person, but maybe that is changing. And if anything could make it change, it certainly is Halloween, my favorite holiday (and my birthday). When I saw this candy corn wreath on the cover of my October 17th issue of Woman’s Day magazine, I knew I had to try it.

So, the next time I was on the Upper West Side, I went to Michael’s and bought some supplies, including a foam wreath, black duct tape, and my very first (low temperature) glue gun. And, of course, some Brach’s candy corn. You know what? It was pretty easy to do. And somewhat relaxing. I think I get why people like crafting.

Here is the finished product. I didn’t hang it on our front door (we’re Jewish, so that didn’t feel comfortable to me), so I placed it on a closet door instead. The kids are fascinated by it and understand that it is not for eating. But it is awfully nice to enjoy that candy corn scent each time you walk by.

I did a bit of other Halloween crafting, too, which I will post next week. Enjoy the weekend!

p.s. I’ve added a DIY label to the blog as I hope to add some more (beginner level!) projects to this category. I’d love for readers to share their ideas and projects with me as well.

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  1. Lori says:

    I kept this issue too! I bought the candy corn, but haven't done it yet!!! I am afraid since I am in Texas and it is still warm it might attract critters or melt!

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