Kids’ Quotable Wall Art at Zulily

I am pretty much smitten with everything at the “All Things Personalized Boutique” sale at Zulily this week, and will share you more of my top picks tomorrow. But in the meantime I must show you this awesome Someday Inc. Quotable Kids’ Personalized Wall Art. You choose the blue or red design and then add your child’s name and one of their most insightful (or clever) quotes. For R. I’d use an unintentionally poignant one she said around her 7th birthday, while playing Freeze Dance: “Remember, Mommy, it’s not about the stops. It’s about the music.” The ready-to-frame 12″ square cotton canvases cost $21.99 at Zulily; their regular price is $56. I love this keepsake!

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