19 Kids, and Counting 1 More

Unless you were under a rock yesterday, you heard the news that The Duggars are expecting Baby #20. While I personally can not imagine having so large a brood (my two keep my quite busy, thank you very much), I must say that I’m impressed with how they’ve raised such well-behaved, respectful, and caring kids. I say this with some certainty because 8-year-old R. is a huge fan of their show and I have watched almost every episode with her. And while she knows that she will never have 18 siblings, I do believe she has learned some important lessons about teamwork and responsibility from watching the show.

Bottom line: I can’t imagine having 19 (whoops, make that 20) kids, but I’m not sure any of us can really judge. I just hope that Michelle Duggar’s current pregnancy goes more smoothly than her last one.

What do you all think?

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One Response to 19 Kids, and Counting 1 More

  1. Tamara says:

    I totally agree with you! And they are such a productive family!

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