Small Business Saturday: The Stork Store

If you’re a frequent online shopper, you may already know that today is the 2nd annual “Small Business Saturday,” a movement to support the small businesses in your area. There are lots of deals I can share with you (please follow them on my Twitter feed, but in the meantime here is one that I wanted to share at the blog. The Stork Store is an online baby boutique where I ordered my now-5-year-old son’s personalized burpcloths when he was a newborn (because somehow I needed to find exactly the right ones…remember those newborn days??). I am happy to see that 5 years later, this small business is still around, and I hope you will support it by shopping with the coupon code they’ve provided especially for today (see end of post). The store carries lots of fantastic personalized gifts including mom jewelry, personalized stepping stools, piggy banks, and more. My pick: Stackable Sterling Silver Mommy Rings ($50 each).

Enter code SBS2011 for 15% off your entire personalized gift purchase at The Stork Store. Valid today only.

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2 Responses to Small Business Saturday: The Stork Store

  1. Umhlekgabo says:

    Where I live Wal Mart is putting picuerts on mouse pads, glasses, car cups, tee shirts and a few other things and I’m sure they do it online or at other stores. I hope to get a picture of my grand daughter’s boyfriend with her so I can put it on a mouse pad.References :

  2. Rodrigo says:

    did anoyne catch did anoyne catch her say that you can use the packing tape for the toilet? paper holder while holding the napkin holder?

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