Suri’s Burn Book

I don’t have a lot of extra time to read other people’s blogs, but one really funny one that I’ve bookmarked recently is Suri’s Burn Book. The tagline is, “JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE A FERRAGAMO HANDBAG DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN BEHAVE LIKE A CHILD. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, SHILOH.)” Basically, it’s a sardonic blog written in the hypothetical, holier-than-thou voice of young Suri Cruise as she bashes less well-dressed celeb tots (she is particularly rough on hapless Violet and Seraphina Affleck, and the always-wearing-gray Brangelina brood) and reveals some insecurities about being “replaced” by up-and-coming mini fashionistas like Harper Beckham. If you’re a fan of the celebrity gossip magazines–or photos of their kids such as those on Celebrity Baby Blog, this is a fun read for you. Check out Suri’s Burn Book.

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