Until Halloween 2012…

Personally, I feel a bit let down on November 1st each year, with Halloween and my birthday both being over. So I keep my decorations up for another week or so (don’t want all that effort to go to waste). But when it’s time to take them down, this year I’ll (finally!) be storing them appropriately in one of these Sterilite Orange & Black Latch Boxes instead of several worn-out shopping bags. At SpaceSavers.com you can choose from a selection of Halloween Storage Totes in orange, purple, and black, starting at $11.99 for an 18-gallon container (which should be plenty for most of you). If you, like me, treat Halloween as seriously as some people treat Christmas, you’ll be glad that you have everything ready for next year in one centralized location. Buy them at Space Savers.

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