2011 Holiday Gift Picks: Gifts for Babies

There’s nothing quite as special as baby’s first holiday, right? If you’re looking for a special keepsake to commemorate the occasion–or just a cozy gift for a new winter baby–here are some of my favorites:

Personalized Baby Long Johns ($21.99, sizes 6-24mos at Personal Creations)

Personalized 1st Hanukakh Tutu Set ($54 at Chasing Fireflies)

Baby’s First Christmas Block ($18.50 at Craft-E-Family)

Alpaca mouse hat & mittens ($38 for the hat, $36 for the mittens at Giggle)

Reindeer Sherpa Pram (on sale for $19, was $38, sizes NB-9mos at Carters)

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2 Responses to 2011 Holiday Gift Picks: Gifts for Babies

  1. john says:

    Hello this John
    Where can I get all these nice stuffs? Please tell the me the shops along with its opening hours

  2. Hans says:

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