2011 Holiday Gift Picks: Teacher Gifts

Teacher gifts can be tricky. Here in New York, we tend not to buy individual gifts for teachers, but instead a class parent will ask for contributions towards a (large) cash gift. Don’t even ask how much we are asked to contribute per child/per teacher–it’s a lot. But I know that many of you still buy individual gifts for teachers, and if you don’t want to spend money on more scented candles that will go unused, here are 5 other good ideas:

Personalized Cotton Waffle Cosmetic Bag ($21.99 at Personal Creations). This can be used for so many things–not just cosmetics. You choose the color, monogram, and thread color. Machine washable, too!

Collapsible Sky Umbrella ($35 at The Museum of Modern Art). This cheerful umbrella designed by Tibor Kallman has been a MoMA best-seller for years (and part of my own umbrella collection). The new lighter-weight, collalpsible version makes a practical but classy gift for any teacher.

Teacher Personalized Notecards ($15 at Sweet Bella Cards). Who doesn’t love personalized stationery? And school-ruled paper graphics are on-trend right now.

Jonathan Adler Bohemian Bliss Tulip & Sunflower Pen & Pencil Set ($19.95 at Barnes & Noble). This is something any teacher could use –pretty writing implements. This cheery Jonathan-Adler designed pen plus mechanical pencil arrive in a gift-ready decorative box.

Alphabet Mugs ($6 with free shipping at West Elm). These dishwasher and microwave safe porcelain mugs are a much trendier alternative to “world’s best teacher”–and much more likely to be used.

Oh, and one extra idea (and my personal favorite). I love to give my kids’ teachers (and special needs therapists) Amazon Gift Cards. From the gift-giver’s perspective, they are super easy to buy, and from the recipient’s point of view, it is almost like using cash since there are sooo many things people buy at Amazon.com. Plus, the teacher won’t lose this gift in the sea of little gift bags and envelopes he or she is receiving on the last day of school before break; it’ll be safely stored in their e-mail account. For all these reasons, they are one of my “go-to” gifts year-round.

Want more ideas? I’ve posted over 100 favorite teacher gifts in the past, most of which are still available for purchase online today. Take a look!

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4 Responses to 2011 Holiday Gift Picks: Teacher Gifts

  1. tasin says:

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  2. Anna says:

    natalie..this is a beautiful pitcrue!! like all of your photos! i log on here just too look at all your photos..and everytime i am blown away by your talent..i even show everyone i know and make them look at the picutes too! God has most definetly given you a talent! we need to hang out soon!

  3. Hema says:

    Awesome! I want to make some of these. Thanks for sharing! I’ve made a bunch of gifts this year- a mesgsneer bag for my brother, a steelers throw for my brother in law, a set of reusable bags for my sister, a purse for my other sister, a fleece ruffly skirt for my sister in law, and a fleece housecoat for my mom. Still deciding about pj pants for my dad and a blanket for my daugther.

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