Four Seasons Card Set by Yours Truly

Readers who are new to this blog may not know that in my spare time (yeah right) I try to update Brown Eye Blue, my Etsy shop where I sell my custom photography as notecards and wall prints. Lots of my photos have been featured in Etsy treasuries and also on other blogs like Cuteable. I’ve just listed this 4 Seasons Photo Card Gift Set ($28.50 with free shipping). In each set you get 8 notecards- 2 each of Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter scenes. Or, you can pick and choose any 4 cards (2 of each) from my shop. Each card is individually wrapped and then I put them all in a gift box with a ribbon. Voila! Of course, I should have told you about this earlier in case any of you wanted to buy this as a holiday gifts. But I didn’t get to it in time. No matter…it also makes a great birthday gifts, hostess gift, teacher’s gift, or Mother’s Day gift. So even if your holiday shopping is done, bookmark this one. And please tell me what you think of my photography and cards…I’d love some feedback.

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  1. Centunion says:

    Thank you Aisha! I appreciate it!By the way, for bigoglng about this giveaway you still get to enter the contest 4 more times!Go to this giveaway and put 4 more comments in for bigoglng

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