Our Favorite Dreidel

As a Jewish mom I’ve seen a variety of dreidels–from the cheap plastic ones at the drugstore to the giant wooden toys ones to (R’s favorite) the transparent ones filled with chocolate “gelt.” But I did not have a favorite until I saw these fantastic Personalized Wooden Family Dreidels ($24) at the Etsy shop of Charlotte & Mia. You may remember that I featured their personalized Passover seder plates earlier this year. But this is even better. These wooden dreidels feature your family’s customized likenesses (you choose from lots of features like hair color and style, eye shape and color, skin tone, hair accessories, glasses, etc.) on up to four sides (you can do one family member per side, or you can substitute a Hanukkah-themed emblem like a menorah or Jewish star on one side). I chose R & S on two sides, me on one side, and a menorah on the fourth. This will be a hoot for the kids to play with, plus it is a keepsake I know we’ll treasure for years. Check out this and other Chanukah items at Charlotte & Mia.

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  1. Jennifer G. says:

    Love this! I might just have to order one. Great gift idea!

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