Bargain Alert: Personalized Kids’ Placemats For Under $5

This weekend our affiliate Frecklebox is having a flash sale on its cute personalized kids’ placemats. Usually $9.95, they are on sale for 50% off (see end of post for coupon code). These are glossy laminated 11 x 17 placemats that are easy to wipe down and have rounded corners for safety. There are over 80 designs–ranging from sports themes to hearts and flowers–and you are sure to find one that your kid will love (personally, I like “Alphabet Soup”) the best. See all the placemat choices at Frecklebox.

Enjoy 50% off all personalized placemats at Frecklebox today and tomorrow with code “DINNER” at checkout.

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One Response to Bargain Alert: Personalized Kids’ Placemats For Under $5

  1. Bill says:

    I just love the Sophisticated Stripes and Monster themed banks. I like that you are able to peorsnalize these own your own unlike most places where they have pre-made peorsnalized items and they never have my daughter’s name. I guess Keira isn’t quite popular enough yet

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