From the Archives: "Tenk-Oo Gamma"

Editor’s Note: Today is my mom’s birthday, and in honor of her special day here is a re-post of an amazing gift she gave to S. for his 3rd birthday back in 2009. “The Grandmother Book” is now available for purchase at this website. Happy Birthday, Mom (aka Grandma) and thank you for everything you do for us!

S. got many wonderful gifts for his 3rd birthday (thank you everyone!) but the most meaningful one (to me) was the completed copy of The Grandmother Book that my mother made him. I gave her a copy for her birthday this past February and she worked diligently on it before presenting it to S. and me on his birthday a few weeks ago (she created a similar book for my older child for her 1st birthday). Though he is too young to read it now, S. will, I’m sure, treasure this for decades to come. My mom had a difficult but inspiring childhood/young adulthood and she provides details with grace, dignity, and humor. And I love all the wonderful stories she has to tell about my father (they started dating as teenagers and are married 43 years today!) In the picture above you can see she pasted some photos of them on their honeymoon in Bermuda. It was the first time either of them had been on an airplane. And, of course, she waxes poetic about her two greatest gifts- her granddaughter and grandson. I love that she took the time to create this keepsake for S. (who, incidentally, is now talking); he gave her a huge gift back with an intelligible “Tenk-oo, Gamma” and big hug. That was a memory, too! The Grandmother Book is an exceptional gift for any grandma (provided she has the inclination to complete it…) Buy it at

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