How Much Would You Pay for a Diaper Pail?

Sometimes I post something at this blog because I find it absolutely ridiculous for some reason–often, that reason is the price. This is the case with a new item I just spotted at the Giggle website. It’s a VIPP Limited Edition Diaper Pail and it costs…wait for it…$319. Um, I know that a pleasant-smelling nursery is priceless and all, but, really? A combination of the Diaper Genie plus my taking out the trash regularly seemed to keep my own babies’ rooms smelling just fine.

What do you think? Read the product description and tell me if you possibly think that this $319 might be worth it (to anyone but Kourtney Kardashian).

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One Response to How Much Would You Pay for a Diaper Pail?

  1. Anna says:

    I bought a Vipp trashcan (I think it was around $250) to use as a diaper pail based on the advice I read on someone's website that it was a good alternative, and I have to say it is on kid #3, and has worked great for us, and I do love the sleek modern design.

    I do wish someone had told me how much the vipp bag liners are though – that is one kadarshian-style expense I quit making! (I just use regular plastic bags in mine)

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