In Memory of Susan Niebur

A beautiful, strong woman who was very well known in the blogging community passed away today, after fighting metastatic breast cancer for several years. Her name was Susan Niebur and you can read her story here. I never met Susan personally, but I’d followed her blog for the past year, and, like many others, was awed and inspired by her courage, grace, and humor in the face of a terrible illness. Susan was a wife and mother (her boys are just 4 and 6 years old) and also a brilliant astrophysicist. She taught us many, many lessons about living life to its fullest and appreciating each day that you have (just read some of the tributes on her Facebook page). One specific idea of Susan’s that I really loved was to take a moment with your children to marvel at the night skies–something I love to do with my children, especially when we are outside of Manhattan and away from the city lights. Coincidentally (or maybe not), the moon looks especially beautiful tonight. I remember a book that I bought a while ago for S., “My Mommy Hung the Moon,” and I thought of Susan’s young sons. With a mother who inspired and touched the lives of so many, I am pretty sure that they will be able to say the same.

My deepest condolences to the Niebur family, especially her husband Curt and her two young sons. Rest in peace, dear Susan.

P.S. Susan’s family has asked that in lieu of flowers, please consider furthering Susan’s legacy through a contribution to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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2 Responses to In Memory of Susan Niebur

  1. Aimee K. says:

    Susan's family is in my thoughts. My heart is breaking for her husband and her precious boys. She was such an amazing, strong woman.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    All I can say is thank you.I do not like war terms, and advocate agsnait them…yet I feel like we’ve been hit by bombs, and Monday was a ‘mass casualty list.’This thing, cancer, that no one really truly has their hands around. Steve Jobs created voice activated technology, something the stuff of science fiction a generation ago…but we’re still treating cancer the same way? It is time for this to end.jms

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