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Each time I judge the New York International Gift Fair’s Baby & Child division, I start off in the Press Room to see which companies catch my eye. I read the press release from a start-up called Me Two You and I knew I wanted to visit their booth. Me Two You is a new Boston-based, mom-founded company that offers luxurious, American-made reversible baby blankets with satin piping–and with every blanker purchased, one is given to an orphaned child. These children are identified through Me Two You’s work with various foster agencies, and I got to watch a video of a “blanket drop-off” in action, showing young children snuggling and enjoying their new blankets. This is one of those things that we moms can take for granted–I’m guessing that many of you, like me, were inundated with baby blankets when your babies arrived. But many children don’t get to enjoy this simple pleasure. I commend Me Two You on this unique business venture which gives something back to many children in need. Consider buying your next baby gift there–a blanket costs $72 but remember you are really buying two blankets, not one (plus, the blankets are deliciously soft “minky” fabric). Visit Me Two You.

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2 Responses to Me Two You

  1. Aimee K. says:

    Things like this make me cry. I am bookmarking this company for future purchases. This not only makes me want to buy blankets from them, but it makes me want to go snuggle those children too.

  2. Esra says:

    0I had a really big baby swehor and got everything we needed for furniture and bedding clothes bottles I mean EVERYTHING. I appreciated all of it. It was nice not having to worry about going out and buying anything but the thing I really loved that was pratical was diapers! Almost everyone got me a pack or two and we didn’t have to start buying diapers til our son was 4 1/2 months old cause we got all sorts of sizes we had gotten so many that we actually have a few size 1 s packed away for the next baby cause we couldn’t go through them all! That and baby food. My mom put on the invite that she was preparing a baby food basket and asked everyone to bring a jar of baby food (very inexpensive wal mart brand starts at 37 cents for the stage 1) and I ended up with so much baby food in all stages my pantry has a shelf just for his baby food! If you do the diapers don’t forget wipes! You can get a box of refill wipes at wal mart for around 8 dollars and you get i think 700 wipes. So you could do both diapers and wipes. As a first time mom I knew we’d go through a lot of diapers but never really thought about the amount of wipes you go through. Anyways hope this helps..I know all the outfits and toys are so cute but pratical gifts are always appreciated! Good Luck!

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