Ordering Flowers? Here are Some Coupon Codes

I love everything about flowers (both giving and receiving them), except for the price. I always try to find a coupon code first. If you’re going to be ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day, here are a few coupon codes from 1800Flowers.com that should help with the sticker shock. Each code is up to and including 2/14/12, for you procrastinators!

1. Save 15% on your Valentine’s purchase at 1800Flowers.com with code VAL15 at checkout.

2. Save $10 on your Valentine’s purchase of $59.9 and up at 1800Flowers.com with code VALTEN at checkout.

3. Save $15 on your Valentine’s purchase of $79.99 & up at at 1800Flowers.com with code WOWHER79 at checkout.

My top pick? The Rose and Lily Cube Bouquet ($79.99-$99.99) shown above. Gorgeous.

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  1. rokin says:

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