A Gen-X Treasure Trove

I am so excited to tell you about this Etsy shop I just discovered. It’s called Oopsee Daisies and it sells vintage kids’ products–including toys, books, and clothing–with a focus on the 1960s and 70s. In other words, the products of my youth.

I was delighted to see these old favorites. Do you remember them too? I’d love to hear your memories–please post them in the comments. I’ll also be sharing more at my Growing Up 70s/80s Pinterest board.

Fisher Price Airport, 1972 ($29). A classic Little People toy (reminds me of the TWA terminal at JFK).

Judy Blume Paperbacks, Set of 4, 1980s ($12). These are the exact Dell editions that I had, too. Won’t ever forget that purple paperback edition of Are You There God…? It’s Me Margaret.

Mattel Baby That-A-Way, 1974 ($28). I remember that I wanted this crawling doll so badly!

Milton Bradley Battleship Game, 1971 Remember the commercial: “You sunk my battleship”? This game forever reminds me of rainy days at day camp.

Take a trip down memory lane at Oopsee Daisies .

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2 Responses to A Gen-X Treasure Trove

  1. abb says:

    I loved the Little People airport. I played with Little People constantly. I can't get my son interested in them at all.

  2. mymomshops says:

    I played with them all the time, too- and my favorite was the Hospital set with the little x-ray machine.

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